Turn Off Safe Mode on Android

Android system syncs into safe mode when our phones get infected with any potentially harmful app or malware. This process helps us to remove that app by entering into the basic system so that all the other things don’t get affected in any way.

But once we enter into the “Safe Mode” maximum of us could not get an easy escape from it and every time we start the device, it starts within safe mode even after we disable or delete the app.


How to turn off the safe mode in Android

Let’s have a step by step guide on how to disable safe mode on Android easily without any hassle.

Here are the steps:

  • Check the notification panel: first of all, have a look on the notification panel because some moderated Android OS have a safe mode option on the panel, and a simple tap on that option can enable and disable the option. If you have got that, then you are done, otherwise check the other options here in below.
  • Reboot the device: One of the best processes to get the phone back into normal mode. Press the power button and get the phone restarted once. If the phone is back in its normal Android version, then the job is done. Otherwise, you may have to burn a lot of energies.
  • Press Power and Volume down Button: Another useful way to get rid of the safe mode. Press the power button and the volume down button simultaneously. It will reboot your device within a second, and many users reported that it helped them a lot to get a way out of the safe mode.
  • Remove the battery and reattach: if possible (if your smartphone battery is detachable then o a trick- remove the battery and reattach it. Start the phone and see whether the safe mode is gone or not. In maximum cases, users got relief from the safe mode.
  • Uninstall the newly installed app: Try to find out the app which is doing the mischief and kicking the system into the safe mode all the time. Uninstall the app immediately. If you can’t recognize the app, then uninstall all the newly installed apps on your mobile and restart by pressing power and volume down button together.
  • Perform factory reset: Doing this action you can fix almost every problem related to the software. Before doing this don’t forget to get a backup of your data and important things. Then go to the “settings” and perform the “factory settings.” It will remove all the apps installed.
  • The last step will erase all the things and make the phone as it was got the first time when you received it. Remember you can’t get all the data and files once it’s performed.

These are the main steps we usually do to get a simple way out from the irritating “Safe mode” of the Android system. If you are not getting help out of these, then it’s time to perform root of your mobile. Rooting an android is an whole new thing which I won’t be doing here. If any of you interested in an article about how to root Android then please let me know in your comments. I will probably write one article about how to root Android device. Anyway, if you have any other questions then you know how to reach to me. I will surely help you.