How to Unblock Entertainment Websites for Free

If you are a student or an employee you know how frustrating it is to find all the entertainment websites are blocked in the school or office. You cannot access any of the popular music, movies or video sites just to freshen up a little bit. Don’t get sad because we are today writing this article to help you unblock all the entertainment websites for free. You can literally unblock any music websites, movie websites or video sites like youtube for free and that too without getting caught by the server or ISP.

I am here going to mention three methods that are going to help you unblock any kind of entertainment websites. These methods are not just of entertainment related websites but any websites that you want to unblock.

How to Unblock Entertainment Websites for Free in School and Office.

ClearlyDrunk is one of the few SSL based proxy servers which is meant for unblocked music. This proxy server serves you over SSL for secure and fast web access. ClearlyDrunk has a fast connection which is suitable for online streaming. As ClearlyDrunk gives all the connection over SSL, you don’t have to worry about the privacy. All your connection will be private. I found ClearlyDrunk while searching for few unblocked music, unblocked movies, and unblocked games. This service is fast that you won’t even notice you are using a proxy server.


VPN is another free and great way to access all the blocked entertainment websites. VPN is also easy to use as you just have to pick a desired server location from the VPN interface and you will be connected to the website you want to access.

  • VPN for Computer:

There are many VPN service available both free and paid. All the paid servers are fast, but if you are on the free plan, you won’t get that speed you wanted to. Not all VPN is not like that there are some good one with speed. If you are on a computer, then consider downloading Hola extension for your Google Chrome browser or Firefox browser. This will give you the speed that you wanted to access blocked entertainment sites. Or if possible download Opera browser for your computer because it has built-in VPN.

  • VPN for Smartphone

If you are on your phone and using the WiFi network that blocked all the entertainment websites, then I suggest you use VPN for your smartphone. Opera VPN is best VPN service that is available for free for both Android and iOS based smartphones. No need to pay any VPN provider as Opera gives you the free VPN with best possible speed.


Proxy is another great website that you might be interested in as it also helps to unblock all the blocked sites for free. There are hundreds of proxy server available for both free and paid use. Hide My Ass is one of the best free proxy servers with the speed that is perfect for streaming.

HMA is not the only proxy server if you want you can search for proxy servers on Google to only get a huge list of proxy servers for free.

Honestly, there are few more ways to unblock any music or movie website for free, but I believe that these three methods are enough to give you what you are looking for. Your satisfaction is our goal. Please let us know what you think about this article and also make sure you share this post with others.

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