How to Save and Share your Favorite Places on Google Map?

Google map is one of the most used mobile maps around the world. If you are using Google map for a while, you will know how Google Map is transforming itself over the few years. It is now becoming your tourist guide from being just a map. It navigates you around the new city, shows some interesting that you can do in any place. It also helps you find important places like restaurant, ATM, Gas Station, police station and much more. You even get recommendations based on the places you visit.

It has evolved a lot, and we are seeing some cool features being added now and then to improve its usability. Recently Google has added a new feature to the Google Map which lets you save any places to any of the pre-made lists, or you create your own list. Even you can share your list with any of your friends, family members or colleague directly.

Google Map

This feature is now available with updated version of Google Map on both Android and iOS. The web version of Google Map also has this same feature.

How to Save and Share Places on Google Map

Saving and sharing any place on Google Map is easy as you would expect with every Google product.

The very first step would be updating your Google Map app as the new feature is only available on the updated version of the app.

Once you are done updating your app, simply open the app and search for any place you want to save.

Tapping on the place will bring the Google Plus page of the place with all the reviews and photos about the place. The new thing you will notice now is the new “Save Option.”

Tapping on the Save option will bring a small menu with some pre-made lists like “Favorites,” “Want to Go” and “Starred Places.” You can add any of the options, or you can even create your own list. If you decide to add a new list just tap on “New list” option. Name anything to this list and save it.

To access all your saved places click on “Your places” inside the menu. Here you will find all your saved places according to your list.

Whenever you are ready to share any of your lists just tap on the share icon situated inside the list and select any of the desired methods of sharing.

Another cool feature is the “follow” feature. Imagine you shared a list with your friend and if s/he click on the follow icon s/he will get update whenever you add a new place to that list. This saves you from sharing the same list over and over.

Google also made a video showing how it works. Here I am embedding that same video for illustration purpose.

This is a great feature by Google to improve already improved Google map. What do you think about this feature? Is it worth sharing?

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