How to Connect Android Smartwatches to the Android Smartphone

Android has silently moved deep into our life slowly. After taking control of our smartphone, Android is gearing up itself for smartwears. Apart from the Apple watches, all the other smartwatches depend on the Android operating system. With Android, the smartwears have become a little bit more intelligent; these can track everything starting from the calorie loss to how many hours you have been in sleep, etc.

But connecting a smartwear to a smartphone is not an easy nut to crack. Everyone who uses an Android phone can’t do this because it requires a little bit tricks as well as a guide of how to connect these watches to the Android phones. Connecting to the phone makes the tracking process smarter and more accurate. That’s why we are going to discuss on this issue, and we have prepared an easy how to guide where all the steps are mentioned in an easy format so that anyone can follow it.

Google’s Android OS for the smartwears is one of the most popular operating systems for wearables and could be available to the maximum of the very best smartwatches you could purchase. If you’ve simply obtained your hands on one then here’s the best ways to set up and make use of an Android smartwatch. Here we answer concerns like ‘exactly how does Android watch connect to your Android phone?’ as well as ‘Exactly how do I can install the app for tracking all the other features on my Android phone?’

The setup procedure for Android Wear is fairly basic and also uncomplicated, but we’re here in order to help if you’re struggling with it.

How to connect Android Smartwatches to Android phone?

Here is the step by step guide to setting up all the things appropriately so that the smartwear can connect to the Android phone without any complication.

Step by step guide: Follow the steps one by one

  • The first step is to unbox your Android Wear smartwatch from the box, don’t let it be hampered due to a sudden drop. Be careful when unboxing.
  • Find the charger in the box and put it on for charging.
  • Keep the watch on charge for 2 hours at least
  • From the manual know the app you have to download. Search the app on Google play and install that.
  • The next step is to switch on the Bluetooth; it will help to connect with the phone.
  • Let’s do the tweak with the app installed on the phone. Launch the app.

How to pair the device with the phone

  • At the first step is to select the native language on the smartwatch
  • Open the Android app on your phone and select the watch from the app, it will be automatically shown if the Bluetooth is ON.
  • Check the codes and match the password to connect the both devices.
  • Allow the app for push notifications, and it will help to manage the device effectively.
  • Now the watch is connected. Follow the first time tutorial shown in the watch. That’s all, enjoy.

You can use this method to actually connect your smartwatch with iOS or any other mobile OS platform. The method is almost same there could be a little bit of difference, but you can manage that on that. Or in case anything went wrong with you can ping here for the best solution.

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